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For 32 years, Susan has provided ethical and dedicated service to Sellers and Buyers of residential real estate in the Bay Area, and by referral throughout California and the States. Susan's professional representation and honed negotiation skills, her dogged resolve to protect her clients' financial and legal interests, her dedication to high standards, and her exacting purpose in realizing her clients' goals, make Susan a valuable asset for all who want and deserve a trusted partner, a positive, fun experience, and a highly-successful outcome in securing or selling a home.

Susan's primary geographical focus is Mid Peninsula, including Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Woodside, Portola Valley, Skyline to the Coast, Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. Susan also sells homes in other towns on the Peninsula; she takes her skills where her clients need them. But if a referral is best for you, she'll make sure you have a personally-vetted, highly-skilled agent in the South Bay, in San Francisco, in the North Bay or East Bay, and extending to all of California and indeed around the country. No matter where you or your friends and family live or want to live, Susan will take care of you.

Professional representation is a very important factor in your success. It all starts "in the beginning". Positioning is key. Susan's easy-going, collaborative and responsible personality makes her well-liked and trusted among her colleagues; her good reputation is a vital step in your success. Another often overlooked necessity is an agent who does not make mistakes, mistakes that can cause you to lose or be at risk. To this end, Susan is exacting in her due diligence, her presentation packages - complete and correct documentation, and a full compliment of approved disclosures, phone calls, talking instead of texting, will protect you and win for you against others who do not attend to these basics.

As a Seller, is there anything more important to you than the highest possible price? Getting you the highest possible price is her job. With her guidance for proper preparation and stylish presentation, your home will draw every buyer out there to your door. If every buyer knows about your home, you'll have more showings, and with more showings, you'll have more offers, and with more offers, you will have the opportunity to negotiate up to the very highest possible price!

As a Buyer in this competitive sellers’ market, your price and terms must be the best they can be. However, there is something more she will do to secure your dream home. She will position you to win. Susan's solid reputation, her highly-professional representation, and her strategies to favor you over the competition will make you a winner. It is so true that the “little” things make the difference, and the difference is your success!

Susan is here for you! Realize the dream of getting what you want! Call Susan for the Selkirk Solution at (650) 776-8944.

Here's to your success!

Pete M.


"I’m writing to recommend Susan Selkirk for your next real estate transaction. I have had the pleasure of working with Susan over the years to both buy and sell properties in Palo Alto, with my most recent transaction being the sale of a condominium in August 2021. Susan went the extra mile to fully market the property, holding open houses over multiple weekends in order to broaden the scope of potential buyers to which it was exposed. I was fortunate to receive multiple offers that exceeded the asking price that Susan and I had formulated based our review of comparable properties and the current state of the market. I ended up selling for a price that exceeded the asking price by a life-changing amount. While the state of the market was certainly a contributing factor, I have no doubt that this fantastic result would not have been achieved without the effort and expert guidance I received from Susan. I highly recommend Susan for your next real estate transaction."